Cupla blog reviews pour commencer

As a novice blogger, the most obvious way to begin to brainstorm for this blog was to research some other language learning blogs. Two minutes into my search, I began to wonder why I had never done this before. The internet is full of language learning resources, some of which I am familiar with but many more with which I am not. Language learning blogs are definitely a new venture for me and I quickly found some interesting examples. I decided to focus on French and here are my findings:

This website caught my eye as soon as it loaded on my computer. Beyond the visual aspect, it contains many useful articles including tips for language learners, tips for visiting France, links to other resources online and general articles about current affairs in France which I liked.

Along similar lines, this website offers articles about tricky grammar problems and colourful French sayings which, if used correctly, would surely come in handy to win over the locals when visiting France.

For something a little different, this website allows the language learner to play a few simple, easy games in French. This seems to be geared more towards a younger audience but may be a useful resource for beginners, teachers or anyone who needs a break from study but still wants to brush up on vocabulary. The games are certainly easy to follow (although I’ve now discovered how much more difficult hangman is in French with all the accents to consider). It’s not something I could see myself using too often but worth mentioning nonetheless.

This blog is focused on cultural aspects of the French language and the country itself but also features grammar tips and other advice such as movies to watch to improve your French. I’ll definitely be going back to this one.

À bientôt.


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