Le Spotify Français


My French teacher for fifth and sixth year was very helpful when it came to showing us how to do things we were already doing mais en français. As a result, we were given a cd of French music (Mr. Shneebly style, I know) to listen to over the Christmas holidays in fifth year and ever since then, French music has been a constant on my playlist. It may seem a little strange to non-language learners because you’ll be playing music in front of them and suddenly they ask you what’s going on and you haven’t realised you’re singing along to a song in a language they don’t understand.

Most French music is very similar to what’s in on the radio in Ireland – in fact, they listen to all of the chart music we do and their Top 40 is simply supplemented with the French offering to the pop music world. This makes the transition easy and pain-free (don’t think you have to start listening to a whole new genre). In fact, there’s even a song half in French featuring a familiar Ed Sheeran chorus (Reuf – Ed Sheeran ft Nekfeu).

So where can you find all of this music? The internet of course! Spotify is something I use on a daily basis and it is fantastic for keeping up to date with the latest French releases. They have an entire playlist dedicated to the top 50 streamed songs in France which is updated each week from which you can pick and choose your favourites and make your own playlist. You’ll soon discover artists you like and learn the words to their songs without feeling like you’re studying a language.

Keep an open mind and give it a go. Slip some Stromae and Fréro Delavega in between your Calvin Harris and Ed Sheeran and you’ll have French stuck in your head before you know it.


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