All of the PLEs please

A definition of a PLE is offered by Connie Malamed :

‘a self-directed and evolving environment of tools, services and resources organized by a person seeking a way to accomplish lifetime learning, to create, and to connect with others of similar interests’

Colloquia is an example of a PLE that I discovered and it looks like it would be useful for teachers to set up for their classes to share ideas online. I could imagine this being more useful for a maths subject (for sharing solutions) than for a language class but an interesting concept nonetheless.

Some twitter conversations that I have previously stumbled upon are #edchatIE and #LangChat. These are aimed mostly at teachers from what I can see but there are lots of helpful links for independent student learning as well which I have used before.

Personalisation seems to be the main buzz word in the realm of PLEs, with a huge emphasis being put on the ability to customise your online environment. For example, if you want all your social media timelines in one place, netvibes seems to be a great option. In my opinion, it’s too overwhelming for personal use but for a business it would be quite convenient.


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