Why no Gaeilge keyboard Apple?

Now, I know Irish is a ‘minority’ language (that is NOT a euphemism for dying by the way), but is it too much to ask that everything I type is not auto-corrected to English?

Being part of an Irish speaking group chat and trying not to reply to a message with some random English word that your phone auto-corrected which makes the sentence lose all meaning stuck in the middle of it is quite the struggle.

Every ‘ansin’ is corrected to ‘and in’ and every ‘ann’ is changed to ‘Ann’. This becomes quite funny when instead of saying ‘I’ll be there’ you end up saying ‘I’ll be Ann’.

Some other funny ones I’ve encountered recently include ‘Íosa Criost’ being corrected to ‘Iowa Cruise’ and ‘Nails are Claire’ instead of the name of our capital city.

I know I could just turn off auto-correct all together but my English may suffer. To make matters worse, I have a French keyboard as well which is similar to the English one but with some letters rearranged. So sometimes my English is auto-corrected to French or I type a random ‘w’ thinking I’ve gone onto the emoji keyboard.

Surely there’s a better way? Maybe I should just take more time when I’m typing…

Anyway, enough #firstworldproblems for one post.


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