Music – the language we all understand

Music is easily my favourite way to ‘study’ languages, and even though it can look and feel like procrastination or a distraction from real learning, it genuinely does train your ear. I don’t know how I’d learn languages without music and I don’t know how I’d find music in other languages without technology.

Here’s some of my fave French songs for people who don’t know what to listen to (shout out @ Laura)

First up, good ol’ Stromae of ‘Alors On Danse’ fame. Here’s one of his other famous songs which will get stuck in your head

This one puts me right back in 5th year when our whole class were obsessed with the easy listening pop music of Tal. A catchy and easy to understand one for beginners but Tal also has others I like such as ‘Sans un regard’ and ‘le passé’.

Another similar enough artist is Indila. This is her most famous song but there are other ones such as ‘Tourner dans le vide’ and ‘comme un bateau’ if you’re looking for more.

Moving on from the ones we studied at school, probably my favourite French artists at the minute are Fréro Delavega. This is my favourite song from them. I also really like ‘mon héroine ‘ and ‘il y a’.

Finally, the winner of The Voice from this year is worth looking at. His music has a country feel, he’s easy to understand and the songs are fairly catchy.



Other recommendations are anything by M.Pokora, ‘Toi + Moi’ by Gregoire, ‘Jour 1’ by Louane, something from Zaz for a more jazz feel or if rap is your thing then Maitre Gims and Black M have a decent selection of songs on offer. However, I prefer to stick to simpler songs just because it’s easier to understand the words and repeated listening allows you to understand the lyrics without even looking them up.

My personal favourites are probably Stromae and Fréro Delavega but I would encourage any language learner to listen to whatever type of music they enjoy in their target language.


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