Bloggers, Vloggers, Instagrammers and….language learning?


Youtubers are the new celebrities and beauty Vloggers and bloggers are among the most popular. Everyone knows the British youtuber Zoella, right? Since I have to admit to following far too many of these internet celebrities, I decided to set myself a challenge to find some similar content creators in my target languages, Irish and French.




For French I discovered Enjoy Phoenix (aka Marie) who is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger and youtuber and she seems to be the most popular one in France from my research. Another is Safia Vendome, a french blogger who lives in Barcelona. Another is Safia’s friend Beaute Active (aka Caroline) who focuses more on fashion and is so far my personal favourite. All of these bloggers/vloggers put out the same type of videos and blog posts as their British and American counterparts just in a different language. Some, such as Horia actually use a fair bit of English, presumably drawing inspiration from the more successful English speakers and maybe hoping to draw in some English viewers as well. That particular blog/youtube channel is extremely similar to many of the channels of the younger Americans youtubers and so would be perfect to introduce to secondary school students.




Irish was significantly more difficult but I managed to find one blog and instagram account called Gaeilge le Glam. It was started by four friends from Galway earlier this year and is a nice follow for introducing some Gaeilge to your instagram feed.

For anyone who would already have read fashion and beauty blogs or watched the youtube videos in English anyway, then it’s definitely worth considering following similar people in your target languages. While reading the fashion blogs, I found I revised quite a lot of clothing terminology which definitely needed to be dusted off at the back of my brain. The topics covered in general tend to be universal and the casual nature of the spoken language can only be helpful in understanding the language outside of the classroom.


Some fun words I learned in French include:

Youtubeuse/Blogeuse = Youtuber, Blogger (feminine)

Un tuto = short for ‘tutorial’

Une tenue = an outfit, but more specifically a put-together outfit or ‘look’ that has been planned and thought out.

Se mettre en tenue = to dress up

Chelou = This is verlan for ‘louche’, which means sketchy and shady but one of the bloggers used it as ‘je suis chelou’ and explained unusual, bizarre and particular habits and facts about herself.

Une essayage = a trial. Similiarly, salon d’essayage is a fitting room.

Cocooning = a word borrowed from English which they seem to use for relaxing and chilling out at home.





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