Is ICC a feature of fluency?

ICC is described as intercultural communicative competence which I understand to mean the ability to communicate effectively with somebody of another culture. Basically, to get your point across without offending anyone or sticking out as an obvious foreigner who hasn’t a clue.

Having reflected on this while writing my essay on this topic, I have concluded that a high level of ICC is most definitely a feature of fluency. While it’s a decent start, it is not enough to know vocabulary and verb endings and pronouns, you must know when and where to use them in conversation. Not in terms of how you would use them in English, put in terms of your target language. For example, some languages may be more polite than others and some more straight forward but if you mix them up, you could come across all wrong to a native speaker and there could be a break down in communication.

It’s these little things that take a language learner a little bit closer to that glory land – fluency.


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