That blog thing – how did that go for ya?

So the time has come. We’re all backing our bags for our year abroad and submitting our last assignments in UL for another year and so comes to an close my language technology blog. Without reflection, we may never know what we have learned, so now that I’ve written my summative essay on my experience, I’ve decided to write a little note here as well.

I can’t deny that I’ve enjoyed writing this blog and may even consider continuing it. As other students have written on their blogs, there is something oddly nice about sitting down to write about yourself and your thoughts once a week.

I know I strayed from the lab tasks almost as often as I dealt directly with them throughout the semester but I think I struck a good balance between the lab tasks that interested me and other elements of language learning online that I thought could be useful for a reader. I hope that anyone who read my blog found something useful among my smatterings of opinions and experiences. I know I, for one, found many tips and tricks for language learning which I’ll take with me into the future.

À bientôt.


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